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  • When the building began, we didn't have to worry about a thing. The material showed up, the ._ contractors came and went, and all we had to do was go shopping to pick out the materials and accessories we wanted. And that was even a joy, as all we had to do was pick what we wanted, write down the store, and product number and EHL Homes would pick them up and deliver to the house to be installed. The house was completely finished, right down to painting and cleaning, so all we had to do was place bur furniture. We love our new house, and have had no problems with the superior construction. We highly recommend building your new house with EHL Homes. It was a happy, stress free, and successful exoerience for us.
  • Iasked around town about the custom home- builder, EHL Homes and Management, and everyone I spoke with at least knew someone who knew someone that had worked with them. There was something so honest about this small Canadian town. One guy told me that the builder had won the Architect of the Year Award in both 2004 and again in 2011. He was proud to tell me this and even got the years right.
    Annette Fraser
  • Our decision to purchase a cottage material package and have EHL Homes build it for us had as much to do with your quick,  accurate and competent responses to our numerous building questions and concerns as with the building expertise offered. From our first steps with EHL, when the initial building process was reviewed and planned in detail to the completion of all the fine interior finishes, you and all those who worked with you exhibited a high level of professionalism. It's really a pleasure to run across a company that does things as well as EHL Homes.
    David Shamash